Welcome to my little corner of the internet.


I’m an Information Technology professional with 22 years in the industry. I have been fascinated with computers and technology since a very young age, and when my parents purchased their first computer when I was 13, I became hooked. Soon I installed Linux, and Red Hat 3.0, learned C/C++, and even dabbled with the <marquee> tag on Geocities. This site, sans <marquee>, is my new home online.


This site is designed and built with open-source tools, technology, and frameworks. Currently, technologies include Astro, Svelte, and tailwind CSS. I primarily use Neovim or Visual Studio Code, depending on my device is being used.


This site attempts to use minimal javascript, local resources, and no limited third-party tracking. The “Currently Reading” section links to the following in this order:

  • Authors website
  • Publishers website
  • Library of Congress
  • Barnes and Noble (or equivalent small book site)

The commenting system is currently provided by the Giscus App, with the backend utilizing Github Discussions. A self host version is available, which I am experimenting with.